Common Pests in Commercial Properties 

Any pest that infests your home can infest your business as well. But, a couple of pests have a tendency to be bigger issues for businesses compared to others. This is because they cause severe issues that risk the reputation of the company, the integrity of the property, and the health of the employees. 


Here are a couple of common pests that you might have in your commercial property. If you see one of them, contact pest control Memphis TN right away: 

Bed Bugs 

Bed bugs were always eliminated from the US a couple of years ago. But, their populations have increased with the rise in international travel. Bed bug infestations are an issue in businesses and houses all over the United States.  

Though they can be found in any form of property, bed bugs are particularly problematic for businesses in the hospitality industry. Customers expect to be offered with accommodations that are pest-free and clean. They will not leave an excellent review of their stay or be inclined to return to your business if they start experiencing bed bug bites.  


Typically, birds are not an issue inside the property. However, they’ll often get inside the attic and cause damage where they nest. Birds have a tendency to cause issues on the exterior part of your business. Sometimes, they roost along the roofline. They leave droppings on the ground. Your clients will be left with an unpleasant first impression when they enter your property. This is particularly true if the birds are aggressive. Aside from that, they can create nests in the gutters that can cause water to back up and result in roof damage.  

Eliminating birds can be hard. Scarecrows rarely do their job and shooing the birds away isn’t a permanent solution.  


Nobody likes cockroaches. Of course, there’s a reason for that. They will spread harmful illnesses wherever they go if they get into your business. They spend their time in humid and warm locations. This includes pet feces, dead animals, and in dumpsters. They will spread germs they have accumulated on their bodies around the property once they get inside. 

A cockroach infestation spreads fast. They aren’t easy to eliminate once they’re inside. Most of the time, they hide. That’s why they are hard to get rid of. A professional pest control company can help you if you’ve got a cockroach infestation. 


There are several reasons why rodents are dangerous pests. First, they spread a lot of deadly diseases. This can be particularly dangerous in a restaurant setting. These pests look around for food. They will contaminate the areas if they get into your food supplies or on your food preparation areas. These illnesses can be spread to your employees and clients.  

Rodents are also dangerous and destructive pests once inside. They constantly chew on anything they see. They can cause a lot of money if they do damage to your inventory. Aside from that, they can cause serious issues to your property by damaging pipework, wiring, insulation, and walls.