Trendy Wallpaper Ideas for Every Room of Your House 

Wallpapers have been a huge thing in the past up until now. It is what keeps our walls not boring with its plethora of patterns, designs, and colors. Unlike before that the options for these are limited, now, you are provided with a lot of options that will definitely suit your preference, whatever it is. Today, these wallpapers are all about movement, depths, and personality that would fit in the interior design you wish to have.  



The thing is, although there will be professional that is willing to offer you their help like the  Misty interior design, choosing your own wallpapers does not come handy. There will be a lot of planning, preparations, and tools you need to have.  


But before we get to the installation process and the tools you need, it is important that you select first your wallpapers, and that is the very thing we will give and share with you today.  




1.Subtle prints – if you are a minimalist, you will probably like wallpapers with subtle prints. The thing is, although they might have small patterns and pale colors, you can add depth and styles through your furniture and other accessories. Also, remember that not all wallpapers need to be extravagant in style or bold in appearance. You can have these soft patterns in calming tones. In this way, you will have a more relaxing sight of your room.  


2.Masculine appeal – some charcoal features of wallpapers can add a masculine touch to your walls and bedroom. And no, just because you are a woman does not mean you cannot have something masculine and virile. Feminine florals and bold patterns are not all women’s cup of tea. The dark wallpaper ideas like navy blue, charcoal, and fresh green can also be so sexy and feminine too!  




1.Floral bathroom – you can achieve rich and zen-like vibes in your bathroom by bringing in some floral patterns in your bathroom through your wallpapers. Floral patterns also give some movement and rhythm to your bathroom, making it more attractive and alive.  


2.Half-wall wallpaper – the half-wall wallpapers create a visually heightening effect to your bathroom. How does this work? You can out some tiles from the floor and stick your preferred wallpapers on the upper half of the wall.  


3.Dark toned wallpaper – if you want to have some dark feel in your bathroom, you can have something classic black and white wallpapers. Do not shy away from the black and mysterious feel of the bathroom.  




1.Bold backsplash wallpapers – when you opt for a boldly patterned wallpaper, it will create a backsplash pop. This will be a good choice for you when you want to save some tiles in the kitchen. All you need to do is to find that nice performance wallpaper.  


2.Spice up the corners and unexpected spaces – you can think of avant-garde ways and styles to upgrade your kitchen room. You can look for any stellar wallpapers to spice up your boring appliances and have a modern look.  

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